December 2015 Recipients Announced

We are proud to announce the most recent CABE graduates who received the Wesbild LIFT scholarship, which were awarded at CABE’s Christmas Lunch in December.

Congratulations to:

  • Annik Bertrand who plans to study Computer Science at Langara College
  • Sajad Ahmadi who plans to study Science at Douglas College

And to these previous recipients who have had their scholarships renewed:

  • Sofia Herandez to continue studies in Criminology and is transferring to SFU
  • Alex Johnstone to continue studies in Environmental Science at Douglas College
  • Maurice Dharan to continue studies at Douglas College
  • Narina Magee to continue studies at Douglas College


The Wesbild LIFT Scholarship has committed significant funds over the next year and onward to support CABE graduates get post secondary training and education. The scholarship is open to current CABE graduates. Grads from up to 18 months ago can also apply, along with graduates from other schools in School District 43 but who have spent 75% or more of their time at CABE.

The next rounds of applications are due in May. Click here to download an application form.