About Wesbild LIFT

The Wesbild LIFT Scholarship Program is a scholarship program at CABE Senior Secondary in Coquitlam, BC.  The Wesbild LIFT Scholarship has committed significant funds over the next year and onward to support CABE graduates get post secondary training and education.  The Wesbild LIFT Scholarship at CABE is open to current CABE graduates, grads from up to 18 months ago can also apply, along with graduates from other schools in School District 43 who have spent 75% or more of their time at CABE.

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About CABE

The CABE program is a district program that offers an alternative educational delivery model for students looking for a different educational experience. The school uses individualized, self paced instructional programs in the core subjects (Math, Science, Socials, English) and an expanding selection of elective opportunities to help students pursue graduation.

The program is intended for students aged 15 – 18 who are either directly referred by another district school or self referred to the program. Students who enroll at CABE either elect to stay for graduation or they catch up to grade level and return to another district school to complete their graduation.

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About Wesbild

Since 1981, Wesbild has been creating livable, environmentally responsible homes, neighbourhoods, and community gathering places. A privately held real estate development company, Wesbild specializes in master-planned communities, shopping centres, high rises and golf courses. Throughout Canada and the U.S., each Wesbild project has one thing in common: it is an inviting, thoughtfully designed place that brings people together.

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