Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Eligible To Apply for the Wesbild LIFT Scholarship?

To be eligible, the applicant must:

  1. be a current grade 12 student at CABE (or GOAL) or have graduated CABE (or GOAL) within the last 18 months. Students who have attended CABE (or GOAL) for at least 75% of high school but are graduating from another school are also eligible to apply
  2. demonstrate academic success sufficient to enter post-secondary
  3. wanting to take a program publicly funded post-secondary institution
  4. willing to submit proof of completion and a written report upon completion of the applicable term of studies.

* Only one scholarship will be awarded per student.

How Many Times The Scholarships Are Awarded a Year?

Wesbild LIFT Scholarships are awarded two times per year.

  • For the Fall Scholarship, the application deadline is the Friday of the last week of November
  • For the Spring Scholarship, the application deadline is the Friday of the last week of May

Where Do I Find The Application Forms?

Application Forms are available in three places

Renewal Application Forms are available in three places

How Do I Submit An Application?

  • Talk to your teachers at CABE for support in filling out an application
  • Submit applications in person or by e-mail to:
  • Applications are then reviewed by the selection committee and approved by Wesbild

How Does the Selection Committee Process Work?

  • Committee members meet, review applications and create recommendations to take forward to Wesbild
  • Wesbild and the Port Coquitlam Foundation Board then review, and give final approval on the recommendations
  • The Port Coquitlam Foundation is then authorized to provide funds to institutions
  • Committee Members include:
    • A Wesbild Representative
    • A Port Coquitlam Foundation Representative
    • CABE Representatives
      • Principal
      • Vice-Principal
    • Other Community Members

How Will I know If I have Received A Scholarship?

  • You will be verbally advised by CABE staff
  • You will also receive a letter from Wesbild LIFT and the Port Coquitlam Foundation with instructions on how to claim scholarship

How Do I Claim My Scholarship?

  • Student applies and enrols in publicly funded post-secondary institution of choice
  • Upon enrolment student must provide the following to Wesbild and the Port Coquitlam Foundation (via e-mail at
    • Provide the Port Coquitlam Foundation with student number and written confirmation of registration from the Registrar’s office at the institution you will be attending.
    • Provide the Port Coquitlam Foundation with a fee statement (what student needs to pay) from the institution.
  • Once this information is received, Port Coquitlam Foundation will confirm receipt
  • The award is paid directly to the post-secondary institution of your choice
  • Award must be accessed and utilized within 12 months of receipt
  • If circumstances beyond your control make it difficult to attend within the 12 month window you will need to ask the CABE/LIFT Fund Committee to approve a formal extension. This can be done by submitting an application for extension available for download from

How Does A Recipient Renew A Scholarship?

  • The Wesbild LIFT Scholarship is meant to support you through your entire program of choice. As long as you are passing your courses and in good standing with your institution the renewal process is very simple
  • Submit renewal application form along with transcript from previous semester to;
  • Volunteer selection committee will review renewal applications at same time as new applications
  • CABE Staff will let you know if your scholarship has been renewed.
  • Claim your renewed scholarship via the Port Coquitlam Foundation process as above.

Who Do I Go To With Questions?

Shelley McClenahan
Student Services Teacher, CABE Secondary