June 2021 Scholarship Winners

June 20, 2021

Wesbild is proud to announce the Wesbild LIFT scholarships for June 2020.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

  • Taylor Maynard towards Sciences at Douglas College
  • Iris Hawkins towards General Studies at Douglas College
  • Samayya Khahy towards Health Sciences at Kwantlen
  • Jane Doughty towards Bachelor of Arts at Douglas College
  • Emily Perri towards Bachelor of Arts at Douglas College
  • Felisha Segovia-Quiroz towards Legal Studies at Douglas College
  • Kayla Dirk towards Trades Discovery at BCIT
  • Mila Kozely towards Nursing at Douglas College

The Wesbild LIFT Scholarship has committed significant funds to support CABE graduates get post secondary training and education. The scholarship is open to current CABE graduates. Grads from up to 18 months ago can also apply, along with graduates from other schools in School District 43 but who have spent 75% or more of their time at CABE.